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  • Bright Eyes Goldfever Cap Light

    Bright Eyes Goldfever Cap Light

    The GoldFever Cap light is one of the top Cap lights on the market. It comes with a bright main beam along with a white walking light. It also has very bright auxiliary lights in red, green, and amber. The light is pictured on a bump cap but can be...

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  • Coyote Reaper Rifle Edition Coyote Reaper Rifle Edition

    Coyote Reaper Rifle Edition

    The Coyote Reaper “Rifle Edition” Kit by Predator Tactics is everything you need to get yourself out into the field with your rifle. This is the ideal set up if you are looking for Predator Hunting Lights or Hog...

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  • Crockett Light Crockett Light

    Crockett Light

    The Crockett Light is loaded up with features that make this a very handy pocket light. Our predator hunting flashlight runs on a single AA battery (batteries not included) and pushes out 156 lumens respectively. It's small, compact size,...

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  • Gold Fever Plus Belt Light

    Gold Fever Plus Belt Light

    The Gold Fever Plus Belt Light has double the burn time as the regular Gold Fever Belt Light. It comes with a white walk light and red, green and amber lights in addition to the main beam. 

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  • K-Light 4200 LED - 4 Volt Light

    K-Light 4200 LED - 4 Volt Light

    Our largest selling pocket light now available with Lithium batteries. This light has proven it self over and over. It is used in the woods and in your daily functions. We have cusomers raving about how many different uses they have found for this light...

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  • K-Light G2 LED Head

    K-Light G2 LED Head

    The G2 LED head is designed to give you more ADVANTAGE.The G2 LED head is designed to give you more ADVANTAGE. This LED headlamp will plug into a 17 volt to a 28 volt belt or box light. It has a brightness control switch, located at the back of the head...

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  • Noxx Xplorer Headlamp

    Noxx Xplorer Headlamp

    The XPlorer headlamp is the ultimate hands-free light. Its key features include an ultra small lightweight front mount light, complimented by a rear safety light. Like all the handheld Adventure series lights, the XPlorer is powered by a high intensity 5...

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  • The Firefly Caplight

    The Firefly Caplight

    A light weight LED lighting up a large area. Your color modules are inside the reflector and is nice and bright. You will have only one position on white and one position on Red. This light package comes with a 1 year warranty.

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